Revolutionize your Returns

We redesigned the returns process to generate benefits for the seller and whoever returns, taking care of the planet.

For the seller

We take care of the returns, so that the seller is dedicated to selling.

For those who return

We assure you that your return experience is equal to or better than the purchase experience.

For the planet

We take care that no returned product becomes waste.

  • We improve the return experience
    We improve the return experience
    When a customer wants to return a product, we refund the purchase money in less than 24 hours. We transform the return process into a buyer loyalty strategy, with a simple and friendly return system, matching the return experience with the shopping experience.
  • We classify from your client's home
    We classify from your client's home
    We remotely inspect and classify the product that is being returned, without the buyer having to leave their home.
  • We optimize the operation
    We optimize the operation
    With the result of the remote inspection we determine the final destination of the product, which can be the seller's warehouse or a new buyer. Thus we avoid unnecessary processes and movements of the product.
  • We promote the circular economy
    We promote the circular economy
    Our goal is that no product becomes waste, considerably reducing the carbon footprint of each of them. Products that are returned are returned to the seller's warehouse or sent to a new buyer or user (ultimately they are donated or recycled).
  • We build customer loyalty through a return experience that is as simple as the purchase experience.
  • We make the operations associated with a return efficient to reduce costs and CO2 emitted.
  • We maximize the economic recovery of each return, re-selling the products that the seller cannot re-enter their sales channels, due to the state of the product or packaging in which they return.

We have a solution for each
Stage of your returns

  • Return
    We improve the return experience, to make it as easy as the shopping experience.
  • Withdrawal
    We coordinate the withdrawal of the products to be returned in a limited range of day / hour
  • Digital inspection
    Digital inspection
    We inspect and classify the products assigning their final destination, without the buyer having to leave their home.
  • Re-sale
    We have our own resale channels, to maximize the economic recovery of the products, preventing any return from becoming waste.

How it works

  • Integration
    Integrate with your stores.
  • Definition
    Define your policies and customize your return page.
  • Management
    Start managing your returns, payments and logistics automatically.

We turn the return into a loyalty experience and a differentiation strategy. We redefine the role of reverse logistics for ecommerce!